Bolero is Switzerland's leading luxury magazine about fashion, beauty and culture. In 2015, 25 years after establishment, the magazine had a makeover. Fashion shoots, interviews and portraits from fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, London and New York give each edition an international flair. Stories with a strong link to Switzerland are also included. Bolero gets to the heart of the matter. The magazine contains extensive photo spreads and articles for readers to take their time and enjoy.


Fashion magazine


German-speaking part


6x per year

1/1 page, gross rate, incl. iPad

4c CHF 19 880

Distributed circulation

85 000 copies

Basic rates

Cover pages

Advertorials (delivered)

* Nur national buchbar mit TMag

1 This position is only available with a binding booking six weeks before publication date. In case of cancellation of an order we charge 50% of the price.

2 Advertorials are not eligible for turnover discounts or agency commission/YTP.

Design guidelines:
  • Name and logo of the carrier title and its classifieds may not be used.
  • The typography and layout must ensure that the reader can clearly distinguish between the advertorial and editorial content.
  • The client must be clearly visible.
  • The advertorial must feature the word ADVERTORIAL at the top right or top left.
  • Prior to publication, we require a layout for approval by the publisher.
  • Advertisements taking up less than 1/4 of a page are framed for layouting purposes.
  • Advertisements taking up less than 1/1 page are always placed adjacent to text.
  • For bleed-off, trim + 5 mm applies on all 4 edges.
  • Text and parts which may not be trimmed must be 8 mm from the edge.
  • All colours (including chromatic colours) use a 4-colour base (euroscale: cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

Advertising rates effective 01.01.2019; rates are subject to change; all rates in CHF gross plus 7,7% VAT.

Turnover discount 2020

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Beobachter, GlücksPost, L’illustré, Schweizer LandLiebe, Schweizer Illustrierte, Style, Tele, TV Star, TV2, TV4, TV8 and all their specials.

60 000 2%
100 000 3%
200 000 4%
300 000 5%
400 000 6%
500 000 7%
600 000 8%
750 000 9%
900 000 10%
1 050 000 11%
1 200 000 12%
1 400 000 13%
1 650 000 14%
1 900 000 15%
2 150 000 16%
2 400 000 17%
2 700 000 18%
3 000 000 19%
3 300 000 20%
3 600 000 21%
3 900 000 22%
4 200 000 23%
4 500 000 24%
Agency commission AC
For authorised media and advertising agencies15% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.) 5% of net
Yearly turnover premium YTP
Minimum volume of 3 pages a year in one or more titles of Ringier Axel Springer Medien Schweiz AG 15% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.)5% of net

*Gross according to rate less special discounts, plus aditional costs (placement surcharges)

Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (

Ad placement guarantee
1/2 page or larger 10% of gross rate
Smaller than 1/2 page20% of gross rate
Common campaign
Per third-party ad30% of gross rate 1/1 page Without turnover discount, AC or YTP Template must be submitted to the publisher

General terms and conditions
This rate card is subject to the general terms and conditions on

Supplements 2020

Print run 85 000 copies. All rates in CHF gross plus 7.7% VAT.

Weight Fixed insert Product sample Bound insert1 Loose insert
Postcard3(one page unfolded) 14 280on request
up to 20 g20 99524 650on request
up to 15 g 27 625on request
16 - 25 g 32 300on request
26 - 35 g 25 33036 550on request
36 - 50 g 30 51543 775on request

Gross rates in CHF (incl. carriage and technical costs). Reservation/cancellation 5 weeks before publication.

1 30% surcharge for inserts with product sample
2 Including technical costs (subscription/newsagents)
3 Minimum format 140 x 90 mm / maximum format 210 x 148 mm


AdvertisementFixed insertBound insertLoose InsertPiggyback
Split on demand
Split surcharge5 3 000.– 3 000.– 3 000.– 3 000.– 3 000.–

5 Split surcharge is not eligible for turnover discounts, AC or YTP.

Formats / Weights

PlacementFixed inserProduct sampleBound insert Loose insertPiggyback
first page on a sheet at the headalways according to feasibility checkat certain points between 2 pagesat certain pointson back pag
Size min.2 pages-2 pages2 pages 2 pages
Size max24 pages -48 pages format dependent32 pages64 pages
Thickness max.2 mm 2 mm -2 mm 3 mm
Format min. width60 mm 65 mm 115 mm 100 mm 148 mm
Format min. height 80 mm 84 mm 140 mm 150 mm 210 mm
Format max. width170 mm 110 mm 4magazine format 195 mm 4magazine format
Format max. height252 mm 170 mm 4magazine format267 mm 4magazine format
Paper weight min. 2 pages120 gm2-100 gm2120 gm2 120 gm2
Paper weight min. 4–8 pages--60 gm280 gm2 80 gm2
Paper weight min. > 8 pages--40 gm250 gm250 gm2
Paper weight max. 2 pages300 gm2-240 gm2300 gm2350 gm2
Total weight min.2 g 2 g ---
Total weight max.20 g 20 g ---
Grind off-3 mm --
Top edge bleed (only bound inserts)-5 mm --
Foot trim max.-23 mm --
Glue strips3 mm from left edge3 mm vom linken Rand ---
Max allowances +/-9 mm / axial 4° 9 mm / axial 4° ---
Split options see smartFinishingnewsagents/subscriptionnewsagents/subscriptionnewsagents/subscriptionnewsagents/subscriptionnewsagents/subscription
Layout errors2% 2% 2% 2% 2%

4 Note the trimming in the format table. Deviations from these standards must always be arranged in advance.
Third-party adverts up to 3 pages will be billed with a 30% surcharge on the gross price of a 1/1 page and are not eligible for volume discounts, AC or YT

Technical details

EquipmentMulti-page fixed inserts, bound inserts, loose inserts, and piggybacks will only be processed if they are cross, centre or z-folded. Zig-zag and 6-page gatefolds cannot be processed. The closed side of the loose inserts must be pointed towards the gutter. Stapled and delivered bound inserts may only be accepted upon consultation (staple position). Bound inserts with more than 4 pages should not be stapled. The bound inserts must not show any breakages of the coating application in the fold. In the event of any production problems, completion of the print run shall have priority over special applications.
Packaging for delivery Manageable amounts, grip height up to a maximum of 12 cm per layer, unfolded, uncrossed and neatly palletised. Products must be delivered without creased corners, wrinkles or displaced spines. Such defects diminish quality and result in additional costs. The pallet frame/straps must prevent deformation of the products and protect them from moisture. The pallets must indicate the following information on at least two pages per pallet slip: a) product name, particularly type designation (coding and similar information) b) object c) issue d) product type e) copies per pallet f) pallet number g) client h) sender i) production date.
Dummies, sketchesThe final approval of every order is dependent on the timely submission of a binding sample (product for production) and a detailed sketch.
Delivery10 working days before publication: Swissprinters AG Rampe 1 – 3, Brühlstrasse 5, 4800 Zofingen Delivery conditions: DDP (Incoterm 2010)

2020 Schedule

IssueSupplement inPublication dateAdvertising deadlineFocus topics
1Handelszeitung27.02.202030.01.2020Fashion / Saisonauftakt / Best of Summer Season 20
1Bilanz28.02.202030.01.2020Fashion / Saisonauftakt / Best of Summer Season 20
2Handelszeitung26.03.202028.02.2020Fashion / Accessoires / Travel
2Bilanz27.03.202028.02.2020Fashion / Accessoires / Travel
3Handelszeitung25.06.202030.04.2020Fashion / Kunst (Art Basel)
3Bilanz26.06.202030.04.2020Fashion / Kunst (Art Basel)
4Handelszeitung20.08.202023.07.2020Fashion / Saisonausftakt / Best of Fall / Winter 20
4Bilanz28.08.202023.07.2020Fashion / Saisonausftakt / Best of Fall / Winter 20
5Bilanz25.09.202028.08.2020Fashion / Accessoires / Design
5Handelszeitung01.10.202028.08.2020Fashion / Accessoires / Design
6Handelszeitung19.11.202023.10.2020Fashion / Schmuck & Uhren
6Bilanz27.11.202023.10.2020Fashion / Schmuck & Uhren

Published: 6x per year
First day of sale: varies, depending on carrier title
Delivery of data: 20 working days before publication

Technical data

Print material
ColoursIn order to guarantee the best possible reproduction of the advertisement, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. A Fogra media wedge must be present on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with our PSO standard
Print processOffset
UCR300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_300_eci
Data preparation
DatenformatDie Anlieferung als PDF-Datei gilt als Standard und ist der Lieferung anderer Dateiformate vorzuziehen.
DocumentsPDF/X-3. Other documents on request
ImagesResolution: Bitmap 845 dpi, greyscale and colour 300 dpi. Format: PDF, Tiff. EPS or JPEG, no RGB, DCS or OPI images
Colour compositionAll advertisements (i.e. digital data, proofs) must be created using the Euroscale colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
Panorama pagesFor 2/1 pages with overflowing text, take the gutter allowance into account or consult Admeira.
Data transfer
Postal addressAdmeira AG, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zurich
Technical data
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.