cash VALUE

cash VALUE

The “cash VALUE” magazine is aimed at private and institutional investors interested in business and finance-related topics.

Featuring in-depth reports, expert opinions, tips, analysis and interviews on the subject of investing. The magazine also includes concrete facts and figures and offers advertisers a top-class platform. “cash VALUE” is published every six months in June (from 2018) and December in high-quality print format. However, it is also available digitally as a live paper and PDF download at



business magazine


2 times a year, June and December


Cash and bank customers, Swiss airports


25 000 copies

1/1 page gross

CHF 7 200

Basic rates

Contract discounts 2019

Annual gross revenue* in CHF, in combination with Bilanz, Homes, Guides, Handelszeitung, Le Temps, PME Magazine, Schweizer Versicherung, cash VALUE and all extras for these titles.

40 0003%400 0009%1 000 00015%
80 0004%500 00010%1 100 00016%
120 0005%600 00011%1 200 00017%
180 0006%700 00012%1 300 00018%
240 0007%800 00013%1 400 00020%
300 0008%900 00014%1 500 00021%

*Gross as per price list less special discounts, plus additional costs (placement surcharges)

Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (

Repeat discount

3x5% 12x15%

- Valid up to and including 1/3 page
- No major corrections
- Subject change with delivery of complete drafts
- May not be combined with Swiss franc agreements

Agency commission (AC)

Authorised media/advertising agencies15% of net amount
Specials5% of net amount

Annual revenue bonus (ARB)

Annual revenue bonus 15% starting from CHF 60,000 gross

Special discounts

- Discount for ZEWO-certified charities: 50% reduction on gross price
- Not eligible for contract discounts/AC/ARB

Prices for specials

WeightFixed insertLoose Inserts
Up to 15 g-15 600
Up to 25 g11 70017 680

Supplements/glued inserts/accompanying booklets/gatefolds/butterflies/6-part opening/pop-ups/flaps on request

2019 Schedule

IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: 2x per year (June & December)
First day of sale: First working day of the month
Delivery of data: 20 working days before publication

Technical data

Magazine format 210 x 282 mm
Type area 190 x 262 mm
Edge cut+5 mm trim all round. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.
Print processWeb-offset printing, 4-colour
PaperInfinity Périgord coated, cover 200 g/m2, contents 100 g/m2
Print rasterHybrid rasterisation coated
Ink coverage280%
Colour profilePSO Coated v3 / FOGRA 51
Data transferHigh-end PDF, 300 dpi, CMYK, fonts embedded
Via,, T +41 44 436 77 77
Via CD-ROM/DVDcash zweiplus ag, Produktion, Bändliweg 20, CH-8048 Zurich