L'illustré, TV8 and Le Temps are our flagships in French-speaking Switzerland. With all three together, you'll reach 30.8% of the population of western Switzerland. Romandie MAX can also be mixed in different variations. We have four versions for different target groups. An ideal mix for maximum reach in western Switzerland




French-speaking part


484 000 readers
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)


4c gross rate CHF 62


29.7% of French-speaking group
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)

1/1 page, gross rate RomandieMAX

CHF 36 400.- 17.5% discount 30 030.–

Basic rates


Combinations only possible fordouble, full or half-page adverts
Adverts inside the magazines
Same format for all publications
Same theme for all publications
All orders placed simultaneously for all publications
Cannot be added to other combinations
If a publication is cancelled, the unit prices will be charged (including for adverts that have already been published).

The turnover discounts of the selected publications apply.

On request

Dynamic Pricing

Die folgenden Abschlussrabatt-Staffel gilt für alle Kunden, die Dynamic Pricing nutzen.

Umsatz Brutto
(nach dynamischem Rabatt)
100 0002%
200 0003%
400 0005%
500 0006%
750 0007%
1 000 0008%
1 250 0009%
1 500 00010%
1 750 00011%
2 000 00012%
2 500 00013%
3 000 00014%
3 500 00015%

Spielregeln Dynamic Pricing

  • Buchungen müssen für den gesamten Zeitraum einer Abschlussvereinbarung dynamisch erfolgen; Ein mehrfacher Wechsel zwischen Dynamic und Classic Pricing ist nicht möglich.
  • Alle Buchungen müssen über den webbasierten Marketplace von Admeira erfolgen.
  • Zu Unrecht gewährte Rabatte, beispielweise durch Stornos, werden nachträglich verrechnet.
  • Es gelten weiterhin die Bestimmungen des Anzeigentarifs sowie die Allegmeinen Insertionsbedingungen unter

Agency commission AC

For authorised media and advertising agencies15% of net
Le Temps5% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.)5% of net

Yearly turnover premium YTP

Minimum volume of 3 pages a year in one or more titles of Ringier Axel Springer Medien Schweiz AG15% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.)5% of net

Romandie MAX
- Two or three publications (L’Hebdo, L’illustré, TV8, Le Temps) must be selected.
- The adverts must appear in the same year.

Ad placement guarantee

10% of gross price

Common campaign

For each third-party ad, 30% of the gross rate of a full-page ad. Without turnover discount, AC or YTP. Template must be submitted to the publisher.

Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions apply.

First day of sale

L’illustre weeklyWednesday
TV8 weeklyWednesday
Le Temps weeklyThursday
T Magazine20 issues Saturday
DeadlineMonday of previous week/TMag 4 weeks before publication date -

Technical details

Printed material PDF, incl. font style + binding colour proofs, ready for plate making
Printing process Offset printing

Romandie MAX

Romandie MAX

French-speaking Switzerland

Net readers484 000
Contacts572 000

Romandie MAX Family

Romandie MAX Family

French-speaking Switzerland

Net readers405 000
Contacts459 000

Romandie MAX Family

Romandie MAX Family

French-speaking Switzerland

Net readers355 000
Contacts377 000

Source: MACH Basic 2019-1, French-speaking group: 1 627 000 People