Far-reaching change alters our perception of the world. This is where T Magazine comes in, published on Saturdays 20 times a year as a supplement to the weekend edition of Le Temps. The magazine offers its readers, who are willing consumers, a guide and in-depth background information in times shaped by change. With the depth and serious investigative style that is typical of Le Temps. The T Magazine provides up-to-date entertaining and instructive information, puts this information into context and explores the background. T Magazine takes a progressive approach and strengthens its position in the premium segment with a clear commitment to substantial use of images.  

The focus is on the following 6 headings:

News / Dossier / Style / Culture / Escapade (on the move) / Bien-être (well-being).

We profile interesting people and will continue to feature mono-thematic focal topics such as  luxury, watches, jewellery, design & architecture, fashion, art, champagne, men, etc.

Our readers have exclusive access and inspirational reading material and our advertising customers have the ideal, trustworthy editorial setting for a perfect advertising presence.


Le Temps: 113 000 readers
French language group
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)






20 times a year

Distributed circulation

Le Temps: 30 165 copies
(Source: WEMF/SW certified 2018)

1/1 page, gross rate,

CHF 14 500

Basic rates 2019

* Except «Editions» Fashion, Watches, Jewelry, Luxury

Cover pages

– A trim of +5 mm is added to all four edges for bleed purposes.
– Text and sections that should not be truncated must be 8 mm from the net format margins.

Turnover discount 2019

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Bilanz, Bilanz Homes, Guides, Handelszeitung, Le Temps, PME Magazine, Schweizer Versicherung and all their specials.


40 0003%400 0009%1 000 00015%
80 0004%500 00010%1 100 00016%
120 0005%600 00011%1 200 00017%
180 0006%700 00012%1 300 00018%
240 0007%800 00013%1 400 00020%
300 0008%900 00014%1 500 00021%

*Gross according to rate less special discounts, plus aditional costs (placement surcharges)

Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (


Frequency discount

3 x5%13 x15%52 x25%
6 x10%26 x20%104 x30%

Turnover and frequency discounts cannot be combined.


Agency commission AC

For authorised media and advertising agencies

15% of net

Rates of supplements 2019

T Magazine: Print run 38000 copies

All rates in CHF gross plus 7.7% VAT.

Weight T-MAG
1 - 25 g 14 022
26 - 50 g 20 026
51 - 75 g 27 018
76 - 100 g 32 034


IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadlineFocus topics
223.02.1904.02.19Fashion 1
309.03.1918.02.19Business Luxury Combi*
423.03.1904.03.19Watches 1
506.04.1918.03.19Business Luxury Combi*
613.04.1925.03.19Deco Design
818.05.1929.04.19Design + Architecture 1
901.06.1913.05.19Business Luxury Combi*
1107.09.1919.08.19Business Luxury Combi*
1214.09.1926.08.19Fashion 2
1405.10.1916.09.19Business Luxury Combi*
1626.10.1907.10.19Design + Architektur 2
1702.11.1914.10.19Watches 2
1823.11.1904.11.19Business Luxury Combi*

Specification of the reproduction

T Magazine:
- Magazine paper 80 g/m2 - Cover 200 g/m2
- Pattern 60l/cm. The correct resolution is 300dpi.
- UCR/GCR max. 280%

Data preparation

PDF / X3:
- The data must be in Adobe Acrobat Distiller (from version 3.01) as a high-end PDF / X3 document, according to print / online specifications
to be manufactured and delivered.

.TXT Format:
- The display texts which have to be processed, may be submitted as a Word file without formatting (.txt).

More information:

- The TrueType fonds are not accepted.
- Our DTP service must revise all the ads that have been made with an office program (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.).
- A color print of the desired display in the format 1: 1 makes it possible to control the material before printing

Data transfer

Via Print / Online:
- The system of print / online is the best company solution for the digital transmission of documents. With POLDIRECT your ads will be transmitted
quickly and safely to the connected publishers. More informations on:

Via E-Mail:
Print material

Convert Pantone colors to CMYK:
- More on


- Deadline for print samples: 4 days
- Pressure tests only possible from ¼ pages
- Subject to changes

Palletizing of loose inserts:

- In order to ensure timely progress of the contract and to avoid additional costs follow these guidelines, you can download them here .
- For the final adoption of the supplement we need to have 3 mandatory dummy pattern at least 3 weeks before publication
Ringier SA, Publicité Le Temps, Pont Bessières 3, 1002 Lausanne are sent.
- Delivery address leaflet: Swissprinters AG; Rampe 1-3, Brühlstrasse 5, 4800 Zofingen