The Teleclub magazine – informative, clearly organised and essential for every Teleclub subscriber. At the beginning of each month, customers are sent a magazine that covers the entire Teleclub programme right to their home. Readers will discover exciting topics from the world of entertainment as well as a clear, convenient overview of current films and sport topics – the entire Teleclub range at a glance. The magazine presents the details of monthly highlights for each programme package – along with film reviews, sport highlights, and exciting background reports. One double-sided page of the German edition provides a complete overview of the TV schedule for each day. Important information on technology and service, contests, events, and a program preview round off the content of the magazine.


TV Magazine


Monthly, 12x a year


German-speaking part, French-speaking part

Print run

German-speaking part, 100 000 copies
French-speakin part, 35 600 copies

1/1 page, gross rate

German-speaking part, 4c CHF 4 475.-
French-speaking part, 4c CHF 1 500.-

Basic rates

Platzierungszuschlag + 10 %
Wiederholungsrabatt 3–4 × 5 % 5–6 × 10 % 7– 9 × 15 % ab 10 × 20 %
Volumenrabatt CHF 10 000
CHF 15 000
CHF 25 000
CHF 40 000
CHF 50 000
3 %
5 %
10 %
15 %
20 %
Beraterkommission 15 %

Die Gewährung einer JUP* erfolgt ab drei Seiten pro Jahr. Beraterkommission und JUP sind nicht kumulierbar. Alle Preise verstehen sich für die Lieferung von druckfertigen Vorlagen in Übereinstimmung mit den technischen Normen. Eventuelle Kosten für die Umarbeitung nicht konformer Vorlagen werden zusätzlich berechnet. Widerrufe werden nur ausnahmsweise akzeptiert, in keinem Fall nach einer Frist von 4 Wochen.

*JUP = Jahresumsatzprämie

Turnover discount 2019

10 0003%25 00010%50 00020%
15 0005%40 00015%

Frequency discount

3-4 x 5%5-6 x 10%7-9 x 15%ab 10 x 20%

Agency comission AC

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated.


Ads15% of net

Yearly turnover premium YTP

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated


A YTP is granted from three pages per year15% of net

Special discounts

50% (net / net) Charity discount for ads with charitable purposes (only for clients that are listed on the ZEWO list not final and agency commission entitled no repetition discount; not combinable with other titles).

General conditions

The prices apply to ads with between one and four colours (flat rate) and are based on the process colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
Chromatic colours (Pantone) on request. ll prices excluding 7.7% VAT.
Placement guarantee: 10% of gross price. Prices subject to change.
ther special formats available on request. Expenditure and frequency discounts cannot be combined. 3 mm trim for ads with bleed.
Text and images that should not be truncated must be 3 mm from the margin.

Prices of specialties 2019

Supplements/fixed inserts/bound insert on request


Loose insert

WeightCost-per-thousand Teleclubmagazin
Up to 15 g231
Up to 25 g250
Up to 35 g175
Up to 50 g300
Up to 75 g325
Up to 100 g350
100 g ++On demand

Bound insert

WeightCost-per-thousand Teleclubmagazin
Up to 25 g178
Up to 50 g193
Up to 75 g208
Up to 100 g223
100 g ++On demand


BK oder Jup bei Spezialitäten nur 5%


2019 Schedule

IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: monthly
First day of sale: -
Delivery of data: 15 working days before publication

Technical data

Magazine format200 x 280 mm
Type area170 x 247 mm
Bleed+3 mm trim on perimeter. Text and images that should not be truncated must be 3 mm from the margin.
Printing processroller offset printing
Printing grid 60-line
Total ink coverage280%
Colour profile Dback covers ISO coated v2 300% inside pages: PSO MFC paper
Colour profile DISO coated v2 300%
Data transferPDF/X-3:2002, Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) incl. proof copy
via, Telefon +41 44 225 25 58
via CD-ROM/DVDTeleclub AG, Marina Knezevic, Löwenstrasse 11, 8021 Zurich

In case of delivery of non-compliant printing material (e.g. open data), all additional costs involved will be billed at a rate of CHF 180 per hour. To guarantee optimal ad reproduction, the printing house requires a binding Qualiproof to be provided in good time in line with the ISO coated standard with measuring wedge. No claims can be asserted without provision of a Qualiproof.