Hedge & Leverage
Funds, ETFs, commodities, derivatives, structured products, private equity, alternative investments, ILS, fixed income: the “investment universe” for institutional investors such as pension funds, collective foundations, insurers, family offices and sovereign wealth funds is continuously expanding.
The HEDGE & LEVERAGE GUIDE 2019 provides an extensive insight into sustainable investments and pensions, showing how innovations such as sustainable and impact investing can be profitably deployed.

Pensions Guide 2019/2020
The subject of pensions has become increasingly relevant in recent years, both for companies and for private individuals. Demographic trends and the difficult market environment represent major challenges for social security and pension funds.
In the 2019/2020 Pensions Guide, we provide comprehensive background information on the 2nd and 3rd pillars. We analyse the investment strategies of pension funds, identify their challenges and future prospects, evaluate trends in the lifelong savings process in the field of private pensions, and provide tips for personal financial planning. With its high practical relevance, this annual publication reaches a wide market of readers and represents an exclusive advertising medium.

The two publications appear as a joint supplement to “Schweizer Versicherung”, “Le Temps” and “Handelszeitung”.


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Schweizer Versicherung03.06.201902.09.2019
Le Temps19.09.2019

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Vorsorge Guide06.08.201913.08.2019