Market echo report

Plannability of advertising campaigns:
15 planning aspects compared across media formats

In spring 2023, Admeira conducted an anonymous online survey across Switzerland. The participants were individuals with proven expertise from advertising, creative and media agencies, advertising companies and other representatives of the advertising industry. Around 91 experts told us which planning-related aspects are important to them and which media are well-suited to each of these aspects. We are now presenting the fascinating findings in a detailed report.

Get the following insights for your campaign planning:

  • Why plannability is an important success factor for the media industry
  • Which planning-related aspects are most relevant for advertising campaigns
  • Which media are suitable for which planning-related aspects
  • Which planning criteria are key for moving image campaigns
  • What unique characteristics TV planning offers

We would be happy to provide you with the report as a free, downloadable ePaper. Get important insights into the role of secure and reliable planning in advertising campaigns and use them for your future planning. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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Rüegg Yvonne
Yvonne Rüegg

Research Specialist