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Price Uplift: advertising on SRF broadcasters leads to lower price sensitivity


The two studies already carried out by Admeira, AdRecall Uplift and Purchase Uplift, underscore the particular impact that SRF broadcasters have on TV advertising.

Firstly, the Recall Uplift study showed that the short ad break lengths and implicit ad acceptance on SRF channels lead to the improved recall performance of TV campaigns.1 Secondly, the Purchase Uplift study showed that the improved recall performance of SRF channels shifts the short-term brand preference of products, increasing the purchase probability.2

To conclude, the new Price Uplift study investigates whether using a Swiss TV environment has an impact on the price perception of a product. The clear results of our SRF Uplift study trilogy come to an impressive conclusion..


To get to the bottom of the question of how environment influences price perception, a fictitious brand was created as part of a collaboration between the research institute INNOFACT and Admeira – «Nusolar» sunscreen. The experimental subjects received a product description with features and benefits of the product, as well as a fictitious TV media plan.

One study group was told that the brand launch in German-speaking Switzerland was planned on SRF 1 and SRF zwei.3 The second experimental group was told that the spot would run on three private German channels.4 Afterwards, the experimental subjects saw the respective broadcaster’s slot, the short prototype of the TV spot and the slot again. The control group was shown only the spot without an advertising environment.


The Swissness uplift in SRF’s advertising environment was confirmed: when shown on SRF, «Nusolar» is rated significantly more Swiss and of a higher quality than when shown via the German private broadcasters (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Swissness uplift confirmed by SRF – ‘Nusolar»is considered to be ‘Swiss’ significantly more often in SRF advertising environments 

The same applies to the price: advertising on SRF channels can lead to lower price sensitivity among consumers. This was confirmed in the study by their price estimation. When asked, the SRF group respondents estimated the highest retail price at CHF 14.30 on average (see Fig. 2). The price uplift of SRF broadcasters has thus also been proven.

Figure 2: highest price estimate in the SRF group – SRF advertising environment leads to significantly higher price estimate for «Nusolar»

Triple uplift on SRF channels

The three studies show that TV advertising in SRF environments beats its competitors in three areas. It has been shown that advertising on SRF is recalled better (ad recall uplift), that it increases the likelihood of a purchase being made and thus leads to a higher sales volume (purchase uplift), and that the price of a product and thus its value is estimated higher (price uplift).

In the following video summary of the three uplift studies, you can see exactly how your TV campaign benefits on SRF channels in three ways.

The triple-uplift for your campaigns with Admeira


1 See Admeira 2020, «AdRecall-Uplift»
2 See Admeira 2021, «Purchase-Uplift»
3 Broadcasters: SRF 1 and SRF zwei / Environments: «SRF bi de Lüt», «Auf und davon» and «Meteo»
4 Broadcasters: RTL, ProSieben and Sat1 / Environments: «Das Supertalent», «Wer wird Millionär» and «Bachelorette»

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