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No other medium reaches such a wide audience so quickly or is able to convey advertising messages as effectively and reliably as television. The high reach and rapid increase in viewers help brands to quickly spread their message. Because the message is conveyed to the audience in familiar domestic surroundings, TV advertising benefits from a high level of viewer attention and acceptance. The advertising message is remembered for a long time thanks to exciting brand associations, worlds of experience and clever persuasive techniques that play on the audience’s emotions. TV advertising can also be planned meticulously. Data on the audience is collected continuously and made available daily, which means that you can analyse the effectiveness of your TV campaign immediately.

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Over 25 years of TV advertising in one place

You can find all the adverts broadcast by SRG since 1993 here. You will also find additional information such as the SUISA number, the client of the advert, the language, the length of the advert and the product group.

More information and answers to queries are given directly by Marco Migliorati, Senior Product Manager RSI
Telephone +41 58 909 91 30 / email

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